Search Ads are a form of advertising that allows advertisers to pay for their ads when they see the ad in search results. Dynamic Search Ads is an extension of this concept, which allows advertisers to bid on keywords and receive impressions based on how much they’re willing to spend.


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What are two examples of how Dynamic Search Ads provide value to a marketing campaign? (Select two.)

  • It gives you more control over your keywords.
  • It generates fresh advertisements on its own.
  • It encourages the use of social media platforms for advertising.
  • It discovers traffic that an advertiser would otherwise overlook.
  • It lowers the amount of money that must be spent on advertising.

Correct Answer: It generates fresh advertisements on its own. It discovers traffic that an advertiser would otherwise overlook.

What are Two Ways Dynamic Search Ads Brings Value to an Advertising Campaign? (Choose two)

Answer Details regarding have been explained in detail. It generates fresh advertisements on its own. It locates traffic that an advertising may overlook. The following are the main advantages of Dynamic Search Ads: 1. Coverage and reach: Increase the number of searches! Match with queries that you may have overlooked but are very related to your website.

2. Time-saving and efficiency: Don’t waste time generating countless advertisements! Stop keeping track of long keyword lists. You don’t have to worry about pausing or creating advertisements depending on seasonality or demand since our web crawling technology does it for you and knows what your website is providing and when.

3. Control and transparency: Don’t give up control! Dynamic Search Ads provides complete transparency via the Search Term report, control over bids at the dynamic target level, and traffic exclusions.

For more information about the Google Ads Measurement Certificate, see Skillshop’s Ads Search Certification page.

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Answers to Google Ads Certification Questions

The Google Ads Search Certification program is administered by Google. It’s for giving certificates to successful candidates who demonstrate their knowledge by taking tests, and after they finish the exam according to their terms and conditions, the official sends them an email with a theme certificate. To get a certificate, candidates must pass test modules accessible on Google Academy. A certificate issued by an official is valid for one year (12 Months). Your certificate will also have an expiration date on it; after that period has passed, people must retake the test and demonstrate that their level of knowledge is still current.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two dynamic search ads?

Dynamic search ads are the two ads that appear when you click on a result. They change based on what you searched for.

What are the benefits of a dynamic search ad in an advertising campaign?

A dynamic search ad is an advertising campaign that uses the same keywords in different ads. The goal of this type of advertisement is to increase visibility and engagement by showing up on related searches for your product or service.

Which two dynamic search ads features will be of help?

Dynamic Search Ads will help you find relevant ads to your interests and search queries. This is a feature that Google uses to target the right ad for you, based on what you have searched or browsed before.

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