One of the most important pieces of gear for ice fishing is a flotation suit. These suits are designed to keep you afloat and protect your body from freezing. In this article, I will review the best flotation suits on the market today, including their features and benefits.

The eskimo legend ice fishing suit is a new type of flotation suit that is designed to be used for ice fishing. It has a jacket and bib that can be worn together or separately.

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It goes without saying that ice fishing isn’t for the faint of heart. You must be prepared for the worst, which is why you must put on a float suit before entering the icy ground.

Ice fishermen can stay warm, dry, and safe on the ice by wearing flotation suits. It enables you to stay out on the ice for extended periods of time without risking hypothermia or drowning.

If you’re planning an ice fishing trip in 2023, be sure to check out the list of the finest ice fishing flotation suits below.

The Best Flotation Suit for Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing Suit from WindRider

Our WindRider Ice Fishing Suit, which is trusted by professional ice anglers, is warmer and dryer than any other floating ice fishing suit on the market.

This suit is designed to keep you warm and comfortable even in the coldest conditions, allowing you to focus on catching the big fish.

Thermal insulation of 3M is used in the jacket and bib, which provides greater warmth than conventional synthetic insulation.

They also feature two zippers, which make it simple to relieve yourself while keeping you warm and breathable.

Furthermore, a detachable hood is included, which is useful when it’s cold and windy and you want to keep your whole top body covered and toasty.

The foam used in this suit is an important feature since it not only keeps you warm but also helps you float if you fall through the ice.

Big mesh pockets, a zippered chest pocket, two internal pockets, and handwarmer pockets are included on the bibs, while large mesh pockets, a zipped chest pocket, two internal pockets, and handwarmer pockets are included on the jacket.

The WindRider Ice Fishing Suit is the finest ice fishing suit for keeping warm while chasing large fish, thanks to its many features.

However, be cautious while using the jacket and bib zippers, since they are not the most robust and may easily break off.


  • 3M thermal insulation
  • Zippers on each sides
  • Has a detachable hood
  • Warm but not too hot.
  • Is there any flotation foam?
  • There are many pockets.


  • Zippers aren’t particularly long-lasting.

Flotation Jackets for Ice Fishing

Predator Jacket by StrikerICE

The StrikerICE Predator jacket is the finest ice fishing jacket, developed specifically for usage in sub-zero temperatures to protect your body from the harsh ice fishing conditions.

The outer shell is tough and waterproof, providing protection from the elements. It comes with a Tussor shell made of 320D nylon to keep you toasty on cold winter days.

The Material with hydrapores on this men’s jacket also offers waterproof protection against snow, ice, and water.

This jacket is sure to keep you warm thanks to its 100g of thermal insulation. It is constructed with Thermadex technology, which offers optimum warmth while being light and airy.

Importantly, this ice fishing jacket has Sureflote is a technology developed by Sureflote., which makes it the most buoyant garment ever created.

This device can keep an average person floating for up to two hours if they fall into the water, and it has already saved a lot of lives by giving them with the necessary safety in the ice throughout the years.

The main drawback is that with all of the insulation and technology, the StrikerICE Predator Jacket may be rather large.


  • Waterproof and long-lasting
  • 320D Nylon Tussor shell
  • Material with hydrapores
  • Thermadex 100g technology
  • Sureflote is a technology developed by Sureflote.

Roughneck Eskimo Jacket

The Eskimo Roughneck ice fishing flotation jacket has many of features to keep you warm and dry while you focus on catching fish.

Polyester fabric with a denier rating of 600. is used to make the jacket, which is both strong and breathable to keep you dry and comfortable.

It also has a Sherpa fleece inside for extra comfort and warmth without adding weight, which many users appreciate.

This ice fishing jacket also features a 5k/5k waterproof/breathable rating, DWR treatment, and is 100 percent windproof, ensuring that you are protected from snow, water, wind, and other external factors.

In case you get into a scenario where you need to get out of the water, the Flotation Aid by Uplyft Lite is also included to save you from sinking.

It also features reinforced shoulders and elbows, ensuring that you have the protection you need while taking a blow from those huge fish.

However, several consumers have complained that the arms feel tight and rigid, which may be unpleasant and limit arm mobility. When purchasing the Eskimo Roughneck Jacket, it is recommended that you get one size larger.


  • Duratex 600 denier polyester fabric
  • Lining: Sherpa fleece
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Flotation Aid by Uplyft Lite
  • Shoulders and elbows that have been reinforced


  • Arms are tense and rigid.

Best Flotation Bibs for Ice Fishing

Roughneck Bibs for Eskimo

The Eskimo Roughneck Bib exemplifies technological design and practicality. These floating ice fishing bibs are best utilized in sub-zero temperatures since they offer warmth and comfort when ice fishing.

Polyester fabric with a denier rating of 600. on the outside is strong, long-lasting, and designed to endure through every winter season.

It features a DWR covering, a 5,000/5,000 waterproof/breathable rating, and is fully windproof, so you won’t have to worry about wearing it in the rain or snow.

The Lining: Sherpa fleece on this ice-fishing bib offers optimum comfort with minimum weight, allowing for more movement and enhanced warmth.

Uplyft Breathable Flotation Assistance is built into each of the bibs to keep you floating if you fall into the freezing water.

In high-impact locations, reinforcements on the knees and ankles are also used to provide an additional layer of protection.

While the Eskimo Roughneck Bib’s outer shell is remarkably robust, some have noted that the stitching is not nearly as sturdy and resilient.


  • Duradry 600 denier polyester fabric
  • Sherpa fleece lining
  • Windproof and waterproof
  • Uplyft Lite Flotation Assistance
  • Knees and ankles that have been reinforced

Predator Bib by StrikerICE

The StrikerICE Predator Bib is a flexible and heavy-duty ice fishing bib that will quickly become your go-to layer in your ice fishing gear.

When the weather becomes bad, the Insulation of 100g Thermadex offers heavy-duty protection and covering.

It keeps you warm and dry without adding the additional weight that other insulating ice fishing bibs have.

Furthermore, the Material with hydrapores used in this bib is very robust while also providing great waterproofing. This material is water resistant and breathable, enabling you to ice fish for longer periods of time.

The revolutionary Technology by Sureflote is proven to keep you floating for up to two hours when you want to remain warm, dry, and protected from terrible circumstances. This function is critical in the event that you fall in the water and end yourself in a life-threatening situation.

However, several customers desired the zippers were a little longer and higher up the knee for ease of usage and additional security.


  • Bib with a lot of weight
  • 100g Insulation constructed of Thermadex
  • Hydrapore material
  • Sureflote Technology
  • Breathable and waterproof

Climate Bib by StrikerICE

The Climate Bib is another great product by StrikerICE. This ice-fishing bib provides full protection for fishermen venturing out onto the ice in a variety of weather situations.

These men’s fishing overalls are made with quality materials that set them apart from other men’s fishing overalls. They offer optimum warmth without the thickness and weight of other men’s fishing overalls.

It’s composed of Thermadex insulation, which is the finest lightweight insulating material available.

This insulating technology may also be changed from 100 g of insulation for warmer days to 175 g for more severe winter circumstances.

Additionally, the long-lasting Hydrapore material is waterproof to 5,000 mm and breathable to 5,000 g, providing full protection from snow, ice, water, and other outside elements.

This bib also has Sureflote technology, which provides up to two hours of buoyancy in the event of an accidental submersion, ensuring you always have ample time to seek assistance.

However, according to some customers, the leg region may be a bit baggy and lengthy, so you may need to adjust it.


  • Thermadex insulation
  • Insulation ranging from 100 to 175 grams
  • Hydrapore material
  • Sureflote technology
  • Breathable and waterproof


  • Legs are a bit too long and baggy.

What to Look for in a Flotation Jacket and Bibs


The buoyancy of ice fishing jackets and bibs is the most essential consideration. As a result, while searching for floatable ice fishing suits, seek for items that feature flotation technology.

Best Ice Fishing Flotation Suit in 2023: With Jacket & Bib

Flotation technology on ice fishing suits are typically foam or rubber pockets built into the jacket and bib to increase buoyancy and allow you to float in the water.

In the case of an unintentional submersion, having this essential component in your suit increases your chances of survival.

Furthermore, the finest float suit for ice fishing is constructed of materials that don’t absorb a lot of water and drain quickly, so it won’t slow you down while you’re attempting to get out of the water.


Ice fishing in the winter also puts you at danger of becoming wet and chilly in the middle of the day due to potential heavy snowfalls.

Choose a neoprene, nylon, or polyester flotation jacket and bib composed of waterproof materials.

These materials provide an additional layer of protection against snow, ice, water, and other factors, ensuring that you stay dry and toasty. They keep water from entering the suit, preventing you from becoming wet.

Furthermore, such fabrics are renowned for being robust and long-lasting while being lightweight and breathable, which is important while you’re waiting for a big catch in the cold.

Another item to check for is the MM rating on your ice fishing jacket and bib to make sure it’s waterproof.

The MM grade determines a fabric’s capacity to withstand water. The longer a suit can be immersed before becoming wet, the higher the MM rating.

Ice fishing suits with a thickness rating of 5000 to 10000 mm are appropriate, depending on how long you intend to be out.


When searching for the finest ice fishing flotation jacket and bib, one of the first items on your priority list should be staying warm.

Best Ice Fishing Flotation Suit in 2023: With Jacket & Bib

Look for flotation suits with insulating qualities or technologies that are appropriate for ice fishing.

The amount of thermal insulation is measured in grams. The greater the suit’s insulating gram, the warmer it will be. Your decision may be influenced by your own tastes, the weather, and the circumstances.

In most cold circumstances, 100 g of insulation is plenty to keep you warm. If you’re fishing in the arctic, you’ll probably need a float suit with a greater insulating rating.

The inside of the jacket or bib should also be examined. Inside your suit, fleece liners offer additional insulation without adding bulk or weight. Furthermore, they are very soft and enable you to move more freely.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned ice fisherman, safety is paramount, which is why selecting the finest ice fishing float suit is critical.

It offers enough buoyancy to give you a chance of being rescued if you fall into the water unexpectedly. It also keeps you warm and comfy, allowing you to have a more pleasant day of ice fishing.

Choosing the best one for your requirements requires a basic understanding of the characteristics to look for in an ice fishing float suit. I hope you found this post to be useful and helpful.

The best ice fishing bibs 2023 is a topic that many people are interested in. There are a number of different types of ice fishing suits to choose from, and the best suit will depend on your personal preference.

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