We have already seen how Intel is planning to provide Windows 10 users with Bluetooth and WiFi drivers on a Windows 10 device via Windows Update. Now it seems that the same plan will be used for Windows 11. Intel has already released a Windows 10 driver for its Wireless-AC 7260 (Bluetooth) and 7260 (WiFi) chipsets.

Microsoft is preparing its latest Windows operating system, Windows 11, to run on a range of devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. In a bid for users to move from legacy computing to the latest and greatest tech, the software giant has provided users with drivers that allow Windows to communicate with modern Bluetooth and WiFi devices. The Bluetooth drivers and WiFi drivers enable users to connect to the internet and also share files over a Bluetooth connection. However, the drivers will be available for Windows 10 users as well, on both PCs and tablets.

Windows 10 recently shipped, and to make it easier for Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade, Intel has provided various releases of the Windows 10 drivers for their various devices, especially wireless and Bluetooth. Users with the latest BIOS updates can now use Windows 10 with a hassle-free upgrade.. Read more about when did windows 10 come out and let us know what you think.

Intel provides Windows 11 users with Bluetooth and WiFi drivers

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  • Many of the major hardware and software companies are working as quickly as they can now that Windows 11 is going to be released.
  • Intel Wireless Bluetooth and Intel PROSet/Wireless Software both support Windows 11 and fix problems in Windows 10.
  • The Bluetooth driver corrects a bug in Microsoft Teams conversations that causes audio to be interrupted, as well as a problem with mouse movement not being smooth.
  • Keep in mind that Intel isn’t the only business developing Windows 11 drivers, so check out your gear and search for the appropriate software.

Intel provides Windows 11 users with Bluetooth and WiFi drivers

Hardware makers are ramping up their game as the launch of Windows 11 approaches, with a significant number of users already using the beta version.

This implies that the majority of them are progressively releasing updated drivers for Microsoft’s new operating system.

Intel has released new Windows 11 drivers.

Intel, like competitor NVIDIA, has already published Windows-11 compatible graphic drivers, and the firm has also upgraded its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth software.

Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Intel Wireless Bluetooth both provide compatibility for Windows 11 and fix problems in Windows 10 after the current upgrade.

You should be aware that Intel PROSet/Wireless Software 22.70.0 and Wireless Bluetooth 22.70.2 are now available, including updates and fixes for Windows 10 users in addition to Windows 11 compatibility.

More specifically, the Bluetooth driver resolves a problem with audio interruption in Microsoft Teams conversations as well as sluggish mouse movement.

The new Wi-Fi driver resolves an issue that caused LG TVs to fail to connect to Miracast when using previous versions of the driver.

Intel’s wireless driver update was published for Windows 10 and Windows 11 in the second week of August, and it’s now available via Intel’s Support & Assistant Tool.

In addition to Windows 11, Intel has addressed a number of bugs to enhance the performance of your wireless connection.

Intel provides Windows 11 users with Bluetooth and WiFi drivers

The August 2023 Intel driver update for Windows 11 is now available.

The following wireless adapters are eligible for the Wi-Fi driver update:

  • For AX210/AX201/AX200/9560/9260/9462/9461, use
  • For 8265/8260, dial
  • For 7265(Rev. D)/3165/3168, dial

For the following wireless adapters, a Bluetooth driver update is available:

  • AX210, AX201, AX200, 9560, 9462, 9461, driver version
  • 9260, 8260, 18260, 8265, 18265. Driver version – 9260, 8260, 18260, 8265, 18265.
  • 3168, 3165, 7265, 17265 – driver version

The driver update’s official release notes now include support for Windows 11. In addition, a problem has been addressed that caused LG Television to fail to connect to Miracast when connected through Intel’s Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, Intel claims that the audio quality of Microsoft Teams calls while utilizing a Bluetooth headset has been enhanced.

Another issue that caused Bluetooth mouse movement to be jerky has been addressed.

Updated Intel GPU driver

Intel also released a new set of GPU drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11 on August 11th.

This update resolves crashing issues in games such as Doom Eternal, Chivalry II, Scarlet Nexus, Total War: Warhammer II, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3, and The Witcher 3 in DX11, as well as the back screen while playing Warframe.

Intel has addressed a bug in Windows 10 that prevented the operating system’s dual boot option from functioning.

Another issue in Microsoft Edge that causes screen flickering has been addressed.

How do I update my drivers on Windows 11 and Windows 10?

If you’re still running Windows 10, you’ll get these updates via Windows Update if they’re needed and your device is still supported by the manufacturer.

You can use Intel’s Driver & Support Assistant tool to install these new drivers and remove the ones shipped by the OEM (PC manufacturer).

Follow these procedures to install the updated drivers on Windows:

  • From this page, you may download, install, and use the Intel Driver and Support Assistant (iDSA) program.
  • The Intel Update Assistant Tool should now be open.
  • Keep an eye out for more information.

If you don’t see the tool in the Start Menu, you may access it from the system tray in Windows 10.

Remember that you should only manually download fresh drivers if you’re having problems with the current version.

Nvidia has also released drivers that are compatible with Windows 11, and Asus is working on a firmware upgrade that will allow TPM 2.0 compatibility. More driver and firmware upgrades with compatibility for the new operating system are expected in the coming weeks.

What drivers are you currently running on your Windows 11 machine? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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