While Microsoft is expected to reveal more about Windows 10 at its Build conference on May 2, leaks from the company’s internal testing program have revealed a new look for its Calendar app in the company’s latest Windows Insider Preview build. The new look, which includes collapsing “Calendars” into a single view, as well as more blues and whites, is said to be pre-alpha, meaning it may still change before the final release of Windows 10 in the fall.

Over the weekend, a leaked screenshot of the Windows 10 Calendar app has surfaced, revealing some of the new features Microsoft is planning to implement into its upcoming calendar app. The screenshot showcases the app’s new design, which includes a new navigation pane, context menus, the addition of options to select and add new events, and the addition of the ability to specify the arrival time. In addition, the screenshot also shows the upcoming update to use the tablet system UI when on the desktop.

Sometime between the launch of Windows 10 and the rollout of the Windows 10 Calendar app, some developers decided to play around with new UI elements that will more closely resemble the experience of using the Calendar app in Calendar on the desktop.

We have seen that Microsoft uses a design system called Fluent Design for all of its applications. It’s similar in basic idea to Google’s Material Design, but the two designs are completely different. While Google opts for bright colors and a casual design, Microsoft chooses a flat approach. As part of our app redesign, we’ve just spotted screenshots of what looks like an update to the Microsoft Calendar app on Windows 10.

We don’t know anything about these screenshots yet, so we don’t know if this design will appear in the new Windows 10 update or if we’ll have to update the Calendar app itself. On the other hand, if we focus on the updated Calendar application, we can see that the design language is similar to other Microsoft applications. We can see that the upper part of this application displays background images of holiday locations. Also, the background of the calendar appears translucent and not monochrome as before.

You can also clearly see in the screenshot that the Try Beta button is enabled. This means that the person who took this screenshot is using the beta version of the calendar. At the moment, we also don’t know how you can sign up for the beta version of the Calendar app, but we can say that there is a beta version that will allow you to get this view.

However, we’re not sure what we think of the design of this calendar either. On the one hand, it’s great that Microsoft is thinking about upgrading its app to the latest design system, but we feel like Microsoft’s design is lagging behind Apple’s macOS, something we can’t complain about when comparing Android to iOS.

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