Smartwatches have recently become the most trendy style element for people of all ages. Not only because it looks cool when worn, but also because it has several other features. For instance, it helps keep track of one’s health, can be connected to the smartphone, etc. Some other features include voice assistants, NFC, music controls, and many others. These wearable devices have taken the world by storm, but many complain about its battery life.

It is natural for a device supporting several features to run out of battery easily. Many struggle because of the battery consumption and at times the device runs out of battery during mid hours of the day. Though you should understand the fact that the battery life of your device is not poor. Instead, when the device is used inefficiently, it runs out of charge unexpectedly.

No worries, if you are struggling to maintain the charge of your device, since today we share a few tips that will help preserve the power of your smartwatch for a long time. Keep reading if you want to know the tips and tricks that will help boost the battery of your smartwatch.

8 Ways To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Smart Watch
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1.  Keep The Brightness Adjusted

The battery consumption of the smartwatch is somewhat similar to that of your smartphone. Having said that, if you have a habit of keeping the brightness of its screen to maximum, the charge will run out quickly. You should always set the brightness setting to automatic for your smartwatch as well. This way, according to the natural light or the light of your surroundings, the device will adjust its brightness itself. Your screen will not be responsible for drained battery and will make optimal use of power. Invest in some of the best smartwatch South Africa options to make your purchase worth it.

2.  Keep The Unwanted Notifications Turned Off

Besides the calls and messages, keep only the important notifications on, for your smartwatch. You can keep all notifications on, for your mobile phone, but keeping only the crucial ones on, for your smartwatch will help save a lot of power. Though, a notification consumes minimal battery at once, but at day end, numerous notifications will drain your battery to a great extent, unknowingly.

Turn off notifications for the specific apps and use the apps themselves when you want to know an update, etc.

3.  Avoid The Use Of Always-On Display

No denying, this feature is one of the critical ones these days for most of the buyers, and people are nowadays looking for this feature, before buying a smartwatch, it drains a great deal of battery. Smartwatches by most of the brands warn its users about the reduced battery life when they try to switch on this feature. If you want the battery life of your smartwatch to last long, then we recommend using this feature only for a limited time, and not for the entire day.

4.  Leverage Simple Watch Faces

No one can deny the fact that cool watch faces enhance the overall appearance of the device, but the complex ones reduce battery life. Some watch faces, specifically the ones that have interactions and animations use up a good amount of battery life causing it to drain quickly. Hence, you should try to keep the watch faces to as minimal as possible, if you want to extend its battery life.

5.  Keep The Device Updated

8 Ways To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Smart Watch
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Outdated operating system versions on the smartwatch are believed to take up more battery than the updated ones. Hence, as soon as a new update for the device is available, you should install it. Companies very often roll out the updates for such devices and you should install them from time to time. This way the device will stay optimized for smooth functioning and at the same time utilize the battery life optimally.

6.  Uninstall All Extra and Unused Apps

Some of the high end smartwatches available from premium brands allow users to install a good number of apps on their device. Before installing any number of apps, know that the more the storage is full, the more battery will be drained. At times, such apps increase the battery usage in the background, without the user knowing and it results in  more battery consumption. You should not allow your smartwatch to get cluttered, and make sure to clean the unwanted apps regularly.

7.  Keep Bluetooth and Wifi Turned Off

Undeniably, almost all features on the smartwatch require Wifi, and the watch stays connected to your smartphone through bluetooth. Hence, it is not feasible to keep the bluetooth and wifi off entirely, but when you are doing something important, you can turn them off. For instance, when studying, while working or when in a meeting, you can have them turned off, so that at least some battery life is saved during those hours.

8.  Turn Off The Tilt To Wake

8 Ways To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Smart Watch
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Instead of the always on display, you can use the tilt to wake or touch to wake display option. This way, when you tilt your wrist toward your face, the display will lighten up for the user to see the time or notification, with the tilt to wake feature. Whereas, the touch to wake features, as the name implies, will wake your smartwatch up when you touch it.

The alternate features available are convenient and it also means that the watch is constantly monitoring your wrist or the screen. If you want to save more power, turn these features off, and wake your watch up with the press of a button.

Final Thoughts

There are several ways in which you can optimize the smartwatch so that it uses less battery. Also, with the right adjustments you will be surprised by the extended battery life. We are not saying that you should try all the tips discussed at once, instead try 2-3 of them in a combination to obtain the desired results. Though, you will be able to extend its battery life only to some extent, since the size of the battery plays a critical role as well. Hence, before buying you can check for the battery life of the available options to make sure your pick is designed for a good battery life.

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