Although many companies embraced remote working, it has its good and bad sides. The idea of getting out of bed making yourself a coffee and begging to work right away surely seems great. However, many people find remote work challenging due to the various distractions we have at home.

However, with the right setup of your home office, you can minimize all distractions and focus solely on work. In addition, the room will look neat, which is essential for virtual meetings where everything has to look professional.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to set up your office or meeting room for virtual meetings for the best performance. Even though this seems like an expensive project, believe us, you can come up with the perfect office for a reasonable amount. Keep reading and find out more.

Find the right place for the office

How to Set Up a Room for a Virtual Meeting – 2023 Guide

The first thing you will need to determine is where your home office will be located. It is preferable to be a separate room to remove all the distractions and have boundaries between your work and your comfort place. However, not everyone lives in large homes, so make sure you find someplace quiet.

If you are planning to set up a meeting room in the actual office, there are lots of other things you’d need to consider. It has to be large enough to accommodate more employees, and it has to be well-lit with natural lighting. In addition, being in a quieter place is essential as well.

Use proper colors

Although the colors of the room seem extremely unimportant, they have high value in stimulating productivity and focus. For a highly professional look, you can never go wrong with white paint, in addition, the white color is not distracting so you’ll be able to focus easily.

Other options you might want to consider are blueish and greenish tones. In addition, yellower tones are a great idea as well. However, be sure to stay away from bright and vibrant colors since they are highly distracting.

Get the right equipment

How to Set Up a Room for a Virtual Meeting – 2023 Guide

Your room for virtual meetings is nothing without the right equipment. For that reason, be sure to get the right electronics and achieve great results. However, be careful since it is so easy to overspend at this moment. This might be the time to consider professional help and get the best for your budget, for a consultation, go here.

To be able to attend a virtual meeting, you first need a headset. That is why you should look for an option that offers clear sound and that is comfortable wearing it. In addition, to sound professional, you need the microphone to be as clear as possible and only register your voice.

Next, you’d want a camera that makes you look good. The quality of your camera is a direct indicator of your business and professionalism, so be sure to stay away from cheap and pixelated models. Be sure to pair it with a mount or a tripod for stability and securing the right angle.

Lastly, you need good peripherals as well. To keep a steady workflow, you need a keyboard and mouse that can connect to a couple of devices at the same time. In addition, they have to be made well and sit sturdily on your desk.

It’s best to use equipment pieces from the same brand since they come with additional software that helps you optimize everything. In addition, they usually take only one dongle which makes the setup look cleaner.

Prioritize ergonomics

How to Set Up a Room for a Virtual Meeting – 2023 Guide

To be able to focus and perform the best in virtual meetings, you have to be comfortable. At last, you should not endanger your health while working. Especially since various types of ergonomic furniture emphasize a good body posture.

For that reason, consider getting a desk whose height can be adjusted throughout the day. Sitting for multiple hours is already a known health hazard. With that, you can have the desk lower while you are sitting, and bring it up so you can stand for some time.

Another important ergonomic piece you need is a chair. There are lots of different models that are promoting better body posture, just try some of them to find the most comfortable option. In addition, consider a riser for your monitor so you can bring your head up and prevent arching.

Lastly, consider getting glasses that block the blue lights to prevent eye damage. Since you’ll be spending most of your time in front of a monitor, this is surely a great safety measure for you.

Do not forget about the lighting

How to Set Up a Room for a Virtual Meeting – 2023 Guide

To let the camera capture great video, you’ll need to provide appropriate lighting. For that reason, be sure to combine artificial with natural lighting. A great option can be a regular ring light since it does not harm your eyes, but only enlightens your face and makes you look more professional.

Ensure storage

The room for a virtual meeting is your home office at the same time. Since you might be working with lots of documents, ensuring storage is essential. In addition, the variety of essential office supplies may stack up, so be sure you can store everything properly.

A great tip is separating and organizing your documents to always have them by hand in case you need them during your meeting. This shows how professional you are, and is highly appreciated by potential partners or employers.

Be careful with decorations

Lastly, we have the part that everyone seems to enjoy and overdo. For an office, you don’t need lots of decorations since they can become distracting. Although they look good, since they decrease your performance, you should get rid of them.

Instead, consider only using plants for decoration. The touch of nature and greenery will look great in your office and can reduce your stress levels. By picking plants that do not need lots of maintenance, you can have your office look professional while promoting productivity, which is always beneficial.

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