Windows 11 will enable support for Comfoatible View in the operating system, enabling users to view Web pages and other sites differently to the traditional desktop. The new settings will allow users to control how the web looks when viewed on their device, and it will help to improve performance, and this is something that Microsoft is taking great pride in.

Windows 10 introduced a new system to enable users to choose which apps on their PC are allowed to run when Windows starts up. This new feature is called ‘Compatibility View’ and it allows users to ‘filter out’ apps that won’t work with the operating system.

For the past few years I have been using a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Windows Phone 8.1. At some point, Microsoft released a build of Windows 10 Mobile from the Fast Ring that was compatible with my phone. Since I couldn’t wait for the old builds of Windows 10 Mobile to be compatible with my phone I installed the latest Windows release and was excited to see what it had to offer. After all, it was the future version of Windows, so it must be pretty awesome.

How to enable Compatibility View settings in Windows 11

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  • Until now, Internet Explorer was the default browser for the different versions of Windows. It was used to provide a compatibility view for older websites.
  • With the upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft is dumping the old IE and replacing it with Edge as the default browser.
  • Users are now wondering how to access old web pages that they had previously opened using the compatibility view setting.
  • You can change the default browser or enable Microsoft Edge’s IE mode by following our guide below.

How to enable Compatibility View settings in Windows 11

Internet Explorer has been the default browser for all versions of Windows for nearly two decades. This browser also includes a web compatibility view.

This setting allows Internet Explorer to display older web pages developed for earlier versions of the browser, making them compatible with older web pages.

The main change Microsoft is making in the new Windows 11 is the removal of Internet Explorer, and the new default browser will be Microsoft Edge.

Of course, many users weren’t necessarily expecting to find IE on the new operating system, but they were hoping to find at least the 32-bit version. This won’t happen because Windows 11 is only for the 64-bit operating system.

Although it has already been announced that the IE will be available from the 15th. June 2023 will be removed, Microsoft has nevertheless released information that the Windows 10 Long Term Service Channel (LTSC) will include IE for some versions of the operating system.

But what about users who need to access IE in the new Windows 11 for various reasons and turn on compatibility display settings? Here are our methods for getting the online experience you need.

How do I enable the compatibility view in Windows 11?

1. Change default browser

  1. Go to the Start menu and click on Settings.
  2. Select the applications.

How to enable Compatibility View settings in Windows 11

  1. Select the Default Applications tab and scroll down until you find the Web Browser section.

How to enable Compatibility View settings in Windows 11

  1. Click the Web Browser button, select the browser you want to use and set it as the default.

As we already know from Microsoft’s preview, Windows 11 will come with the Edge browser by default.

If you are used to working with a different browser or need to visit older websites, you can choose a browser that meets your needs.

This action does not disable other installed browsers, but only makes the selected browser the default.

2. Microsoft Edge Enable IE Mode

  1. Open a new browser page.
  2. Next: edge://flags/#edge-internet-explorer-integration

How to enable Compatibility View settings in Windows 11

  1. Look for the line at the top that says Enable IE integration.
  2. Click on the box next to this line and select IE mode from the drop-down menu.
  3. Create a shortcut for Edge on your desktop.
  4. Right click on the icon and select Properties.
  5. Add the following text to the end of the text displayed in the destination field: -ie-mode-test
  6. Select Apply and then OK.
  7. Click on the three dots in the top right corner to open the menu and select More Tools.
  8. Select Open websites in Internet Explorer mode.
  9. Once selected, this page will open in IE mode every time.

Although Internet Explorer cannot be installed in Windows 11 Microsoft Edge, the IE Mode feature will still allow users to access web applications that were only accessible through IE.

To use the content of old pages that you can otherwise only open in IE, all you have to do now is look closely at the address bar and click on the IE icon after enabling this feature.

If you want to learn more about the differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11, which will be released later this year, you’ll find useful information in our full guide.

For other suggestions or questions, feel free to post in the comments section below. We’d like to know what you think.

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Take part in the discussionWindows 10 has a new feature called Windows Compatibility View, which makes it possible to run apps that are not created for Windows 10 by using emulators. These apps will look and work exactly as they did on older Windows versions, but they will come with some limitations: you cannot add or remove programs, you cannot run apps as administrator, and you may encounter some system slowdowns or issues.. Read more about microsoft edge chromium compatibility view settings and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I permanently enable compatibility view in IE11?

IE11 has a compatibility view mode that can be enabled by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the browser window.

Where is my compatibility view button?

The compatibility view button is located in the top right corner of the screen.

How do I add compatibility view in IE 11?

You can use the compatibility view in IE 11.

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