Microsoft has released their new Windows 10 update, which is marketed as a way to improve multitasking on the platform. However, there are many who disagree with this claim, saying that it does not actually help productivity.

The windows 11 multitasking is a recent claim by Microsoft that they have improved the task switching experience. Insiders disagree with this claim, and argue that it has actually been made worse.

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  • At this moment, there is a lot of debate over how Microsoft’s next operating system would handle multitasking.
  • Although some users believe it has improved, the vast majority believe it has deteriorated.
  • Snap layouts to assist optimize efficiency, however for many Insiders, this functionality still doesn’t operate correctly or at all.
  • Remember that Windows 11 is still under beta testing, so problems and malfunctions are to be expected, according to developers.


Since the announcement of Windows 11 a few months back, all the Redmond tech giant could speak about was how it will enhance the quality of life on the new operating system.

We can all agree that a lot of work went into the design and functioning of the forthcoming operating system, yet many people claim that there aren’t any visible results.

Even with some of the most recent upgrades, Microsoft emphasized how much effort went into bringing multitasking to a whole new level in Windows 11.

However, as previously stated, Insiders who have been actively testing each version, whether for the Beta or Dev channel, are dissatisfied with the results and question Microsoft’s performance claims.

Multitasking, according to users, is much worse than before.

Don’t get us wrong: there are many users who admire what Redmond officials are attempting to do with Windows 11, but they also recognize that developing such software takes time.

They’ve made it easier to arrange multiple applications on screen with the pop-up on the maximize/minimize button, and they’ve actually thought out virtual desktops a little more with pickup where you left off and some other stuff that was demoed in the introduction but that I haven’t tried (don’t have the set up for everything and haven’t been in tinker mode recently), and that’s about it.

For others, though, most aspects of the almost completed product don’t work very well, if at all. Not to mention the features that Microsoft removed during the upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

We’ve been keeping a watch on online discussion about this, and we’ve discovered that a large percentage of Insiders are totally opposed to what the OS is becoming.

Users are complaining about not being able to multitask well on this operating system in threads like this one on Reddit.

I can no longer drag items to and from different virtual desktops; they removed the visual cues when switching desktops via keyboard shortcuts due to performance issues; you can’t have win32 acrylic applications active in view while using file explorer without causing massive explorer performance issues (fixed in dev, will likely still be broken in release).

When we speak about things that have been deleted or aren’t accessible right now, the business often claims that it was done for performance concerns.

That’s OK until you tell it to the Windows Insiders who are dealing with a sluggish and mostly unresponsive operating system.

Snap layouts have been introduced to enable you to divide and split your screen effectively for maximum efficiency and multitasking.


However, for many people, this function doesn’t operate at all, or it’s faulty, and your windows are snapped at random, with no obvious pattern or error number.

The fact that Microsoft eliminated visual signals when switching desktops through keyboard shortcuts is another significant reason why people are so angry when they hear the words “multitasking” and “Windows 11” in the same sentence.

Another is that we can no longer move files between open applications on our taskbar, or even to the taskbar itself.


But don’t get too worked up just yet: given the large number of requests filed on the Feedback Hub, the Redmond-based software giant may just ring this one back.

To add to the list of issues that wreak havoc on our multitasking on Windows 11, several Insiders report that the OS is still sluggish and reaction times are absurd.

This is mostly due to the fact that Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system is still in the experimental testing stage until October 5th, when it will begin rolling out to compatible devices.

The key takeaway here is that we’re still working with Windows 11 preview releases, so rushing to conclusions right now may be a mistake.

Certain key aspects are still problematic or won’t function, but we won’t know for sure until nearly two weeks have passed.

Even then, the OS will be in its infancy, with more significant changes and bug fixes on the way.

Microsoft pledged to enhance productivity in these trying times, particularly because certain nations have yet to fully recover from the COVID-19 epidemic, necessitating hybrid labor.

As a result, Microsoft opted to include Teams with Windows 11 and has just introduced a slew of new and helpful features to its conferencing software.

We’re discussing improved phishing security, the Word Cloud feature, walkie-talkie capabilities, and much more.

This seems to be a positive step forward, and perhaps, when everything is said and done, the overwhelming majority of Windows customers will be satisfied with the final product.

So far, how do you feel about multitasking in Windows 11? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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The windows 11 window groups is a topic that has been brought up recently. Microsoft’s claim to have improved multitasking on Windows was met with disagreement from Insiders.

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