There are many video compression software available on the market. This article will discuss 5+ of the best video compression software that are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.

The best free video compressor for pc is a software that can be used to compress video files. There are 5+ best video compression software available for Windows and Mac.


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Updated on September 22, 2023

Originally published in January 2023.

  • Video compression software may help you decrease the size of your movies while also optimizing them for various devices.
  • Below is a selection of high-quality video compressors that provide excellent output files with minimal degradation in quality.
  • Both well-known video applications and potential open-source projects are included.
  • Many of them also function as video editors, allowing you to do all of your duties in one location.

We prefer to capture movies at the highest resolution our equipment can manage, thanks to recent advances in video technology.

Your files will grow in size as a result of your pursuit of these high-quality movies. The majority of individuals make films to share with their family and friends.

Because of the size restrictions imposed by social networking applications, email servers, and other services, the video file size may become an issue.

Another reason you’d want your video project to be short is to save space on your hard drive.

If you have any of the issues mentioned above, you may use the video compression software recommended in this tutorial to decrease the file size without sacrificing video quality.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing program. is a sophisticated application that allows you to compress and edit video files while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

This fantastic program supports a broad range of file types, so you’ll never feel like you’re missing out.

Don’t be concerned about video quality. High-resolution formats, up to 4K and 8K, are supported by Premiere Pro.

You may also edit your videos in a variety of ways. You may use Premiere Pro to add background music, audio tracks, text, and animations. On top of that, you may change the color, lighting, and apply filters to your movies.

Here are some of Adobe Premiere Pro’s most useful features:

  • Any video file format may be imported and exported.
  • Even for high-quality video files, data processing is quick.
  • Adobe After Effects is recommended.
  • There are many tutorials available on the internet.
  • With access to a large library of materials
  • Any Adobe product is fully compatible.

If you wish to check out the program before buying it, you may do so with the 7-day free trial.

Adobe Premiere Pro

There is no better tool for playing, editing, compressing, and more when it comes to video files!

WinZip is a fantastic piece of software that can compress video files and data packages, making them smaller.

Compressing video files may help you save space on your computer while also making them simpler to transmit.

To compress video files, just launch WinZip, pick the files, click Add to Zip, choose a location for your zip file to be saved, and you’re done.

Your favorite videos may be compressed in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, and DVD.

Here are some of WinZip’s greatest features:

  • Compression of large video files
  • File compression that is both efficient and detects duplicate files.
  • In the cloud, you may organize your videos.
  • The contents of a Zip file should be updated to match the source.
  • Access and modify files that others have shared with you.
  • Save cloud files automatically
  • Background Tools are easily accessible.
  • Microsoft Teams connection is seamless.

WinZip is also useful for protecting video files. If you activate the password security option, you may ensure that only you have access to your zip files.


Take use of WinZip’s video compressing capabilities right now!

Movavi is a versatile video converter that can compress, edit, and convert video files into more than 180 different formats.

Movavi is widely regarded as one of the most user-friendly programs available. It features a simple UI with easy-to-understand tabs that don’t need much explanation.

You may drag and drop your media files into the editor. Choose your preferred file format, and your new file will be available in a matter of seconds.

Movavi gives you two choices for file compression. You may compress individual files fast or use the batch processing function to compress an infinite number of video files at once.

Movavi also includes some basic video editing tools, such as trimming and merging movies, in addition to conversion and compression. It may also be used to add subtitles to your videos, making them more accessible.

Movavi also has the following features:

  • Online user manuals that are simple to understand
  • Editor for images and audio files
  • Setups for optimum compression that have been specified
  • Support staff that is quick to respond

Video Converter by Movavi is available in two editions: free and premium, which requires a membership.

Movavi Video Converter

Easy-to-use converting, compressing, and editing tools let you get the most out of your video media files.

Wondershare Uniconverter is another notable choice. It has a media library and player, as well as the ability to convert almost any media format.

UniConverter has the ability to compress several video batches at once. It can work on up to eight 8K videos at the same time. It supports over 1000 different file formats, allowing you to generate media files for any device.

A complete video editor featuring a clever trimmer, watermark editor, audio correction options, video speed adjustment, video merging, background removal, and more is also included.

UniConverter by Wondershare can also let you make your own subtitles or files that you already have. You may alter the font, timing, and color, among other things.

UniConverter has a video converter, so you may view videos straight from it. Full HD and 4K videos may be played simultaneously. DVD formats are also supported by the player.

Wondershare UniConverter also has the following features:

  • Feature of video burning
  • Reframe automatically
  • recorder for webcam and screen recording
  • Removes the background

There is a free trial version of Wondershare Uniconverter as well as a paid edition with various subscription options.

Wondershare UniConverter

With one full-featured tool, you can compress, convert, edit, and view your video files.

AnyVideo Converter is a fantastic program that enables you to easily reduce the size of your video files. It does not degrade the quality of your movies, enabling you to compress them to half their original size without losing quality.

MP4, MPEG, VOB, WMV, 3GP, 3G2, MKV, MOD, M2TS, and more video formats are supported by this program.

WMV, MPG, MP4, AVI, ASF, M2TS, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, and more video formats are supported as well.

Video Converter of Any Kind also has an inbuilt burn function for DVDs and AVHD DVDs, so it may assist you make physical copies of your video files.

The following are some of its finest features:

  • Video Coding using HEVC/H.265
  • High video quality and fast speed
  • Audio from CDs and movies may be ripped and extracted.
  • Video codecs, dimension, bitrate, frame rate, sampling rate, channel, video/audio quality, and so on may all be changed.

There are both free and commercial versions of AnyVideo Converter. Despite the fact that the premium version includes some more capabilities, the free version is a highly helpful and comprehensive tool.

Any Video Converter

Quickly and simply convert movies to whatever format you choose.

Pinnacle is a sophisticated video editing program designed for both beginners and experts, featuring a simple yet powerful video editing procedure.

You may simply decrease the size of any video, but you can also further edit it by adding effects and improving the color.

As you work, the user interface enables you to quickly conceal unneeded tools. This allows you to concentrate on one task at a time, allowing you to remain productive and motivated.

Pinnacle Studio is a design firm based in New York City may be used to add text. For this purpose, it offers both simple and sophisticated functions. You may add explanatory text, subtitles, and other information to your video to make it flow better.

The template function is another amazing and time-saving editing feature of this program. It may assist you in putting together video content more quickly and easily. This is a fantastic way to get started if you’re feeling uninspired or uncertain.

Pinnacle Studio also has the following features:

  • Enhancer for audio tracks
  • Controls for keyframes
  • Modes of blending
  • Screen recording is a useful function.
  • 360 videos are supported and converted.

Pinnacle Studio is available in three different versions. Pinnacle Studio’s basic edition comes with over 1,500 effects, titles, and templates, as well as 6-track HD video editing, multi-camera screen recording, and stop motion animation.

Pinnacle Studio Plus includes more than 1,800 effects, titles, and templates, as well as 24-track HD video editing, wide-angle lens correction, and professional audio capabilities.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate includes more than 2,000 effects, titles, and templates, as well as limitless HD and 4K video editing and 3D Motion Objects.

Pinnacle Studio

Make use of sophisticated editing software and ensure that your movies are optimized for every platform.

VideoProc is a sophisticated video processing program that allows you to edit, trim, crop, combine, and compress 4K movies.

This is the ideal tool for denoising, cutting, filtering, dividing, merging, and subtitling large movies captured by GoPro, DJI, and 4K cameras, as well as denoising, cutting, filtering, splitting, merging, and subtitling.

Apart from these capabilities, VideoProc is a professional video converter and compressor that can transcode HEVC / H.264 videos, convert any videos, audios, and DVDs – MKV to MP4, M4A to MP3, and DVD to MP4 – and even make media material compatible on big TV displays or portable devices.

The following are some of the highlights:

  • There are over 370 video and audio codecs built in.
  • iPhone ringtone from YouTube to MP3
  • Set the video quality and file size to your liking.
  • You may record video from your computer’s screen or via a camera.
  • Denoise and process videos quickly.
  • Video stabilization with GoPro DJI

You may utilize Video Proc’s basic video editor to apply simple effects like grayscale, mirror effects, and filters. Noise reduction is also included in the program, which improves video quality.

This program may also be used to record your screen and webcam. Chroma key, draw, highlight, and other real-time visual effects are included.

Obtain VideoProc


Clipchamp is a basic video editor that comes with all of the tools you’ll need to create high-quality video files. It also includes a web-based version, so you may access it from any device at any time.

The compression procedure is fairly straightforward. You just upload your movie, choose your output parameters, then sit back and wait for it to work its magic. Custom output format, quality, and resolution options are available.

The default video exporting choice is 480p, but you may change it to higher resolutions. Watermarks are applied to 720p and 1080p resolutions in the free version. The video editor offers a lot of features and a nice, easy-to-use interface. You may flip and mirror images, rotate them, crop them, change their colors, and add backdrops, among other things.

Clipchamp also makes it simple to include text files in your movies. Subtitles, video titles, chapter transitions, and a variety of other creative possibilities are all possible with this tool.

You may make your own movies or utilize pre-made themes to save time and enhance your creativity. Clipchat offers templates for a variety of video formats, including advertising films, video montages, testimonial videos, and a variety of social media-friendly alternatives.

Clipchat also has the following important features:

  • Included are stock pictures and videos.
  • YouTube, Zoom, and Google Drive are among the many integrations available.
  • Webcam recorder
  • App for mobile devices

With the Basic program, you may use the software for free. You may choose from three subscription-based programs for higher-quality videos and additional editing tools.

Obtain Clipchamp

Another excellent freeware choice is Freemake Video Converter, which can compress and convert movies into hundreds of formats. All of the most recent cameras and video devices are compatible with the tool.

There are no hidden costs or restrictions while using Freemake Video Converter.

MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MP3, DVD, 3GP, SWF, FLV, and more formats are supported by Freemake Video Converter.

You may also add images or audio files to your movie and edit several segments at the same time. H.264, MKV, MPEG4, and AAC were among the codecs used.

Freemake is capable of converting HD formats without sacrificing quality. It supports 4K, Full HD 1080p, and HD 720p video formats.

It contains some editing capabilities, much like the rest of the suggested applications. You can edit, combine, and rotate movies, among other things.

Freemake Video Converter also has the following features:

  • Upload directly to YouTube
  • Subtitles are available.
  • DVDs and Blu-ray discs can be ripped and burned.

Aside from being free, the program is also very lightweight, so you should have no problems using it.

Freemake Video Converter is a program that allows you to convert video files.

Handbrake is a free open-source video compression program that is one of the finest on the market. It has sophisticated capabilities that both experts and novices may utilize.

Multiple compression and conversion options are available in the program. You may choose from a large number of presets and choose which devices your movie should be optimized for. You may also manually specify the conversion parameters that you like.

Text may also be added to videos. It not only accepts subtitle files, but it also allows you to add video and chapter titles.

If you’re unhappy with the quality of your movies, you may improve it using some of the filters offered. Deintercalation and denoising filters, as well as grayscale and some basic masks, are all available in Handbrake. Your videos may also be cropped and scaled.

Handbrakes offers you a preview of your movie before applying parameters so you can see whether it needs any tweaking.

Other notable characteristics include:

  • Multimedia files, as well as DVD or BluRay discs, are all supported input sources.
  • Video and audio files may be produced in a variety of formats.
  • Encoders are scanned in batches.
  • Encoding video bitrate
  • Static in real time
  • VFR and CFR are both supported.

Handbrake is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Obtain Handbrake

The finest video compressing software for Windows is listed below. You may now choose the tool that best fits your requirements thanks to the information given in this post.

Do you have any other video compressing software that you use? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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The best video compressor online free is a software that allows users to compress videos. There are many different types of video compression software available, but the best ones are the ones that allow users to create their own presets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best video compressor for Windows 10?

While there are many different video compressors out there, the best one for Windows 10 is Handbrake.

Which video compression is best?

The best video compression is the one that gives you the best quality at a lower bitrate.

What is the best video compressor without losing quality?

The best video compressor without losing quality is VLC Media Player.

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