Ever since the release of the Android App of Immersive Reader back in 2010, we could use it with our email clients. This year, we have launched our first dedicated Windows 10 app, which is now available on the Windows store. The Windows version has the same great functionality of the Android version, but we have made some significant improvements: You can now use it with your Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive accounts, so you can read your emails and documents even on your mobile. Also, we have improved the experience with notifications, with better notifications (e.g. when a new message arrives), and support for threaded conversations.

Microsoft recently announced its new Word spin-off, Immersive Reader, which gives you the ability to read documents or webpages in a full-screen immersive experience. I recently had a chance to try it out with Outlook, OneDrive and Teams, and I was surprised at how well it worked, and the amount of time I spent reading on my phone.

For some time now, there have been ways to read and interact with documents not just in Word, but in Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive as well. Microsoft’s Immersive Reader has been there for a while, and now it’s getting an update that will make it work for Read & Annotate, Word, Sheets, and PowerPoint.

You can now use Immersive Reader with Outlook, Teams, or OneDrive

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  • When Microsoft claimed that Windows 11 would be the most accessible operating system ever, they weren’t joking.
  • The Immersive Reader has been integrated to some of Microsoft’s most popular products, and it has begun to be rolled out.
  • Immersive Reader is now available in Outlook, OneDrive, and SharePoint, enhancing accessibility even further.
  • The new tool is now available in Teams, and it works in chats and postings to help you keep track of conversations and debates.

You can now use Immersive Reader with Outlook, Teams, or OneDrive

Because accessibility has been a focus of many of Microsoft’s products, it’s only logical that the Immersive Reader will be the next feature announced.

This function, which is already accessible in places like the Edge browser, allows users to concentrate on the content on a website or have it read to them aloud.

Microsoft has announced that this functionality would be added to four more of its products.

Many Microsoft products were brought to the Immersive Reader.

The Outlook Desktop client for Windows now has Immersive Reader. There’s now a tab in the top-level menu for activating the functionality while reading an email message.

To make reading simpler, you may change the backdrop color, text spacing, and utilize features like Line Focus.

The Immersive Reader may also be used while writing an email to help you spot typos and other mistakes.

This is currently accessible in the Current Channel, with the Semi-Annual Channel following later this year.

This functionality is now available for OneDrive on the web, and it will work with any documents and text files saved there.

The Open dropdown option may be used to open a file in the Immersive Reader. It has comparable capabilities, such as the ability to change backdrop colors, spacing, and so on.

Microsoft has also added support for Immersive Reader on SharePoint pages for business and education users, including capabilities like translation.

Teams now include an Immersive Reader.

Microsoft Teams mobile users can now celebrate, as the Immersive Reader is now supported in both the iOS and Android applications.

This will function in both chats and postings, allowing you to keep up with conversations and debates more simply.

The functionality has also been pushed out globally, according to the Redmond firm, and it has comparable capabilities to the other applications.

You can now use Immersive Reader with Outlook, Teams, or OneDrive

This functionality is also available on SharePoint pages.

According to the community, another area where Microsoft fell short was making SharePoint pages more accessible using the Immersive Reader.

The IT giant held an internal hackathon to prototype this last autumn, and now they’re announcing that Immersive Reader for SharePoint Pages is now available to all commercial and education tenants worldwide.

You can now use Immersive Reader with Outlook, Teams, or OneDrive

In terms of accessibility, there are already significant changes between Windows 10 and the forthcoming OS, indicating that Microsoft is committed to make Windows 11 much more accessible than its predecessor.

Even though Microsoft still has a long way to go in developing Windows 11, this can only be positive news.

What are your thoughts on the new features that have been introduced to your favorite apps? Please share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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If you already use Microsoft Office, you are probably already familiar with the familiar way you read e-mails and documents in Outlook: in a window on your computer’s desktop.. Read more about can immersive reader capture video of students reading text to share with teachers and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use immersive Reader in teams?

Yes, you can use immersive Reader in teams.

How do I access immersive Reader in Outlook?

To access immersive Reader in Outlook, please follow these steps: 1. Click on the File tab. 2. Click on Options. 3. Select Reading Options from the left-hand menu and then click on the Show immersive Reader checkbox at the bottom of the window that appears.

How do I enable immersive Reader?

To enable immersive Reader, you must first go to the settings menu and then select Reader Settings from there.

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