Injuries and accidents are increasing with time due to the persistent problem of drinking and driving. It has been noticed in recent decades and has become a major problem. According to the research, road accidents are increasing in number on a daily basis. People do not take care while driving. They sit in social gatherings and enjoy drinks without imposing any limits. This ultimately causes a lot of problems and inconveniences on roads. This not only affects the drunk drivers but others too who are traveling on the roads.

Due to this increasing problem in societies, public health officers are launching several campaigns to guide people not to drink and drive. Technology is also playing a vital role in minimizing the said problem as companies are now working on technological solutions through which they can Stop together. There is a huge advancement in technology, and this has provided a lot of benefits to the people using technology.

System to Monitor Driving

Technological Solution for Drunken Driving

Car vehicles are especially focusing on the designs and equipment with advanced and latest drinking and driving preventions. Car manufacturers have designed their vehicles in such a way that they are able to monitor the driver’s performance while driving the vehicle. If a driver is impaired, it can be detected right away. Vehicles can now test a driver’s blood alcohol concentration BAC and check if it is above the allowed limit. They have installed a system in the vehicles. In European Union, these systems will be fully integrated from 2023. China is also working enthusiastically to bring the system to vehicles as soon as possible. This will be the permanent requirement for car manufacturers to install the system from 2027 in all cars.

How does Driving System Work?

There is a system called driving monitoring and assistance systems DMAS. You must be wondering how does this system work. It is an automatic system that operates with little or no input from the driver. This system monitors a number of activities and performance. The system monitors;

  • Steering
  • Braking
  • Driving path

The system helps the driver to stay alert and gives warnings. The system also provides corrective measures and actions. These technologies were integrated first in 2000, but companies are now working to increase the features of the DMAS system. They are currently focusing on the advancement of the system and want to bring the feature of real-time video to track the performance of the driver in a more effective way. They bring features such as monitoring head position, head movement, closure of the eyelid, and gaze direction of the eye of the driver to avoid accidents and inconveniences.

During emergencies, these systems provide alerts for emergency braking when needed. They work to control crashes and road problems. This system has increased the safety of the drivers on the roads and vehicles.

Technologies Targeting Drinking and Driving New technologies are evolving with time to prevent drinking and drive-related problems. Detection systems have been designed that use alcohol sensors. Cameras make sure that drivers are looking at the road and are not distracted.

Detection System Based on The Breath

Technological Solution for Drunken Driving

Another similar system is based on the driver’s breath in which the system detects the blood alcohol content of the driver from the driver’s breathing in the vehicle.

Monitoring System Based on The Touch

The touch-based system is also there in which the system has built-in sensors to determine the alcohol content of the driver when a driver touches the ignition button and shifts the gear.

If any of the systems detect the problem and the limit is not on the legal requirement, then the system will take action to avoid any serious circumstances. The system does not allow the car to start or move. The system also gives a warning to the driver and pulls the driver and the car to stop on the road. This new system will be integrated into all commercial vehicles in the current year.

System’s Drawbacks

The technological advancements to stop the drinking and driving issues are providing greater benefits to the people. On the same side, there are a few drawbacks too about which the drivers and other stakeholders are much concerned.

  • They are in doubt about the reliability and are unable to trust the system fully.
  • There are a few privacy issues for the drivers as their data might be collected and used for other purposes, which causes the loss of freedom for the users.
  • There might be system failures that may cause inconvenience during travel.

Barriers against These Systems

Technological Solution for Drunken Driving

Companies have tried a lot and succeeded somehow in implementing and integrating these beneficial systems and technological solutions into the vehicles. Still, there are a lot of associated barriers that are creating trouble for them. The beverage industry is afraid of their sales level, and the restaurants are planning how they can promote social drinking. Due to the increasing problems, regulations have been implemented, and laws are made to control the social drinking that impacts the sales level for the drink sellers. The restaurant and beverage industry is opposing all these initiatives taken for societal wellbeing. They are now trying to work on the drinks that have limited the blood alcohol level.

Final Words

So, this is it! The new technologies are working in two major ways. One is the detection of alcohol levels in the driver’s blood at or above 0.08 percent and stopping the car immediately. Another way is monitoring the driver’s movements, like head and eye movements, to know about any abnormal behavior. Drinking and driving was a norm, but it is changing now. The world has made it possible, and special thanks to the traffic safety administrators, automobile companies, and technology experts who have made it possible. They encouraged and supported the development and integration of the new technology that stops drivers from starting, operating, and moving a vehicle while they are drunk. These systems are totally transparent for the users.

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